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I Think I – Byul

Okey, dis one of my favorite song, remind me to him hehehe, long lasting Korean song lol

I Think I – Byul
그럴리 없다고 아닐꺼라고 믿었죠~ um-
내가 그댈 사랑한단 이말도 안되죠~ um-
괜한 질투일꺼라고 내가 외로운가보다고
자신을 속여봤지만 이제 더는 난 감출수가없는걸요-

I Think I Love You~ 그런가봐요-
Cause I Miss You~ 그대만 없으면
난 아무것도 못하고
이런걸 보면 아무래도-
I`m Falling For You~
난 몰랐지만- Now I Need You~
어느샌가 내 맘 깊은곳에
아주 크게 자리잡은 그대의 모습을 이젠 보아요~


우린 안어울린다고 친구 그게 딱 좋다고-um-
하나부터 열개 도대체 뭐 한개라도 맞는게 없는데-
어떻게사귈 수있냐고 말도안돼는얘기라고
말하며 둘러 댔지만 이제더는 난 그러기가싫은걸요-

Repeat Chorus

왜 몰랐죠 그대라는걸Woo~
왜 못봤죠 바로 앞인데~~Hoo~ye-
그 동안 이렇게 바로 내곁에 있었는데
왜 이제서야 사랑이 보이는건지~~Hoo-

Repeat Chorus

Translate in English

I Think I – Byul
I believed it couldn’t be (um)
That I loved you, it doesn’t make sense (um)
That it was idle jealousy, That I was lonely
I tried to lie to myself, but I cannot hide it no longer

I think I love you, I think that’s what it is
’Cause I miss you, whenever you’re not around
I cannot do anything
And I keep thinking of you
Whenever I realize this, I think

I`m Falling For You~
I’m falling for you
I didn’t know, but now I need you
Suddenly, deep in my heart
I can see where you’ve settled


We’re an odd couple, being friends is the best (um)
Nothing about us matches
How can we date, it’s crazy talk
So I said and contrived, but I don’t want to do that no more

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus

Why didn’t I know, that it was you (oh)
Why didn’t I know, you were right in front of me (oh)
All this time you were right by me
Why do I only see the love now (oh)

Repeat Chorus

Hii!! It’s me back!

Hi aaall!

Suddenly at nite I remember bout this blog, then I opened & read again. Gosh there’s such a lot memories here.

I miss those moments hihi, I look still polos lol. And there’s another interesting here, I can read when the first time I like him and miss him so bad when he’s missing hehehe. And what, I do still miss him a lot till now! Eewww…

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