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Remember My Sweet Moments

Will you remember our sweet moments
And cherished them the way I do
How we spent our special moment together
How we used to share it all

Will you remember me the way
I remember you, will you be the same
The last time i saw you, you are the sweetest
Every moment with you is the sweetest one

Ost. Tropicana Slim

Doing Magic

Some kind of obsession? Lately I’m so curious about human, psychology, how humans attract one another, how human thinking and how we can get into someone subconscious.

Interested me, how we can direct someone to do something we want to without asking them. They think what they do is based on what they choose, but..  what actually happen is we can persuasively direct them to do it. Boom! Magic.. (:

Question Mark

Sometimes “why” question still occurred in my mind. Not as often as before, but I dunno why I still wondering my mind with questions. Continue reading


Men want to be in relationships but they also love being single. They live in constant fear of losing their freedom.

Just because a man is attracted to you, doesn’t mean he is emotionally tied to you. Men see relationships as the loss of something that they really enjoy. The start of a serious relationship can often seem like the end of something amazing. Continue reading

Little Dark Side

Every person has a dark side. Which not everyone will know about it, which not everyone you’ll tell about it, even the closest one.

Don’t be too surprise if you know something shocking that not the same with what you have known.

Be happy and just have fun, we don’t even know what this life all about for sure.

Be ready and just have a smile, this life is full of surprises.

Bicara Pria

Secara garis besar ada 3 kategori pria saat dia menjalani sebuah hubungan, yang dibahas 2 aja, soalnya yang ke-3 nggak terlalu penting (:

1. One-Girl Guy
Pria ‘One-Girl Guy’ adalah tipe pria yang mencari pasangan untuk hubungan yang settle, mencari seorang istri. Hubungan yang dibangun adalah hubungan yang serius.

2. Non-Believer
Tidak ada kata ‘settle down’ dalam kamus pria ‘Non-Believer’, umumnyanya mereka menjalani hubungan dengan seorang wanita dalam jangka waktu yang tidak panjang. Jenis hubungan yang dibangun adalah “Just for Fun” relationship.

Continue reading

Just a Thought

It’s not what we know on the surface
that causes us trouble.

It’s how we FEEL deep inside that determines
how we act, react and live our lives.

Smile at everyone who looks at you. Just allow the universe to show you how amazing it can be.

A Month

It’s been a month, I survive.. Proud (:

Mind Game

Never assume or judge a person by what they said (or tweets), ‘cos they just show you what they want to show.

Some people can do tricks. Continue reading

Feel Alive

What makes you really feel alive?

When you can filled your “empty” gene spot. Is it god’s gene? No no. Your empty space, Blank Gene.

Secondhand Serenade

I love their album: A Twist in My story, my favs: Suppose & Fall for you

Continue reading

I’m Not A Princess

Don’t treat me like a princess, because I’m not.

I’m not a princess, don’t put me on pedestal.

I’m not a princess, I’m not an attention seeker.

I’m not a princess, I’ll not intruded your journey. Continue reading

Freud’s Structural and Topographical Models of Personality

Sigmund Freud’s Theory is quite complex and although his writings on psychosexual development set the groundwork for how our personalities developed, it was only one of five parts to his overall theory of personality.  He also believed that different driving forces develop during these stages which play an important role in how we interact with the world. Continue reading

Richard Dawkins


Richard Dawkins is Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. He is the author of many books including the international best-sellers “The Selfish Gene“, “The Blind Watchmaker”, and “Climbing Mount Improbable.” Continue reading

Neuroscience, free will and determinism: ‘I’m just a machine’

By 9:58AM BST 12 Oct 2010

Our bodies can be controlled by outside forces in the universe, discovers Tom Chivers. So where does that leave free will?

For a man who thinks he’s a robot, Professor Patrick Haggard is remarkably cheerful about it. “We certainly don’t have free will,” says the leading British neuroscientist. “Not in the sense we think.” It’s quite a way to start an interview. Continue reading

Just A Quote #3

– Men will abandon a relationship when it’s no longer giving them what they need.

– People aren’t perfect, and they don’t change that much.


One Step Forward

Perasaan ini aneh, tapi I’ll try to describe here (:

So, a few days ago I got something to do and got me so excited about it. I laugh about it, I think about it, and focus my thought on it. And a sudden after that moment I realize that I don’t remember about my feelings for him, it just like disappear all of the sudden. Feels like something release in my mind. Continue reading


Being friendly, I think I should understand this. Karena standard “being nice” orang beda-beda. Sometimes being nice or friendly bisa bikin asumsi yang berbeda-beda. Orang nangkepnya pun beda. Continue reading


“Kalau orang takut kehilangan fans hanya karena status relationship, artinya dia bukan Master.  Kalau dia punya cewek dan cewek-cewek lain tetap ga perduli dan ngejar-ngejar dia, itu baru Master.” Continue reading

Oh inikah rasanya..

illfeel.. LOL

Misteri Insecurity Wanita

Awal dari sumber dari masalah insecurity pada wanita adalah pada kelemahan fisiknya. Hal ini berhubungan dengan kebutuhan untuk bertahan hidup yang terbentuk selama ribuan bahkan jutaan tahun. Jaman dahulu karena kelemahan fisik wanita tidak dapat hidup sendirian dan bertahan, sekalipun wanita berkelompok bersama tetap keamanan itu tidak didapatkan. Continue reading

Wanita & Cinderella

Wanita, hidup dari mimpi-mimpi, sadar tidak sadar sudah dari sejak kecil otak wanita dipenuhi dongeng. Putri yang bertemu pangeran tampan, putri yang butuh diselamatkan, putri yang tidak punya apa-apa kemudian terpilih, yah.. kita hidup dalam mimpi-mimpi demikian. Continue reading

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Sayap yang Patah

Aku ingin terbang tetapi aku tak mampu..
Aku memaksakan diriku sampai seluruh energi ini habis, namun aku tetap jatuh lagi..
Sayapku tidak sempurna, ia cacat..

Aku pikir aku bisa terbang dengan sayap yg cacat nih, ternyata aku salah..
Aku harus berdiam, merawat kecacatanku, sampai tubuh ini kemudian memulihkan kecacatanku..

Sayapku cepatlah pulih, dan bawalah aku terbang menembus langit..
Mengembalikan jiwa ini agar merasakan kebebasan lagi..

Sebentar lagi, yah, sebentar lagi..


“Kalau ga sreg sama pasangan, tunggu pasangan buat kesalahan dulu abis itu langsung putusin.”

Some people truly wait for your fault at the first place.


Different people, different perspective. Colorful world..


#ketikamelihatmu aku melihat jiwa yg lelah

#ketikamelihatmu aku tahu kamu Clark Kent bukan Superman

#ketikamelihatmu aku menunggu hingga sel2 tubuh ini melepaskan semua memori tentang kamu Continue reading

Just A Quote #2

– Don’t take action based on assumptions.

– I don’t need man to be happy. I want a man to share my happiness with.

– If someone cheated, there were problems long before the act of being unfaithful took place.

– “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

– There are people who are simply not willing to commit to one individual.

– Love & Hate are not opposites. The opposite of love is complete and utter indifference. Indifference is the opposite of love.

– When you write down your feelings and fears, you give yourself permission to let them go.

– LOGIC has very little to do when such high EMOTIONS are involved.

– As human beings we need to be consistent with our decisions. This is so we can look like sane creatures.


A little girl and her father were crossing a bridge.
The father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter:
“Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don’t fall into the river.” The little girl said:
“No, Dad. You hold my hand.”
“What’s the difference?” Asked the puzzled father.

“There’s a big difference,” replied the little girl.
“If I hold your hand and something happens to me, chances are that I may let your hand go. But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let my hand go.”

In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond. So hold the hand of the person whom you love rather than expecting them to hold yours…

– read it somewhere

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough – Frank Crane

My Hair Worth 15Million Rp

Ok, this really weird.. Someone want my hair and willing to pay IDR 15million LOL!

He start with 7million, and keep increase until 15million..

For the first time I know my hair was so precious and worth 15million hahaha! Call me Rapunzel pleaseee LOL

Anyway, still confuse about this, but think I will not take the offer.

If my hair worth 15million, what price that suit for my hole body? LOL!

Okay enough.. Hahaha

Shame on Me

I feel so embarrassed for myself when my friend now fighting for his life, I’m just struggling with broken heart thingly.. Shame on me! Promise to myself I’ll do better from now.. Yosh!

Just A Quote

– When we broken we focus on retrieving a lost lover, we are focusing our attention on retrieving the wrong person. It’s not your former lover who is lost, it is YOU!

– If you’re in therapy over your ex, then it’s not about getting your ex back. It’s about getting YOU back.

– Making someone else responsible for your happiness is the most selfish, cowardly, and unloving thing you can do. Not only do they have to be responsible for their happiness, but now they have to be responsible for yours, as well?

– To get a NEW relationship, you must LET GO of the OLD relationship.

– If you prove to yourself you can let it go, then your self-esteem will skyrocket and you’ll always be confident in your ability to control your emotions

Bintang, Jangan Bohongi Aku Lagi

Semuanya bohong, dunia ini dipenuhi kebohongan.

Tadinya kupikir kau perduli, kau ada dan kau nyata. Kujalani ternyata kau tidak demikian, kau hanya ciptaan dari kami sendiri. Ya.. Imajinasi yang kami ciptakan dengan penuh harap.

Aku mengais tanah, menyelami lautan, menyelidiki langit mencari dirimu. Berharap kau hadir dan memberitahu aku, mengapa aku ada di sini. Tapi kau tetap terdiam, dari dahulu kau selalu terdiam. Continue reading

Jakarta Panggung Absurditas

Oleh Robin Hartanto | Newsroom Blog – Sel, 17 Apr 2012

Apabila sebuah kota bisa dianggap panggung sandiwara, Jakarta pastilah salah satu teater terbaik yang mementaskan absurditas. Kota ini menyediakan tempat bagi segala hal yang tidak masuk akal. Continue reading

Boneka Kayu Yang Usang

Boneka kayu yang sudah usang, aku tahu hidup ini tidak adil.. Continue reading

Crazy World!

People has no value, Money do. This world so fucked up.

Things I’ve Learned

#ThingsIveLearned No matter how much u know about self-esteem & self-confidence, that’s nothing without knowing & accepting who u are first

#ThingsIveLearned The hardest part of “knowing yourself” is that you have to deal with your own delusion, ego & pride. Continue reading


Sakit.. Tidak hanya di hati ini
Seluruh sel tubuh ini sakit..
Tahukah kamu rasanya Continue reading

Always be my baby

by: David Cook

We were as one babe
For a moment in time
And it seemed everlasting
That you would always be mine Continue reading

Hello Blog!

When people get busy with twitter, I’m back here and leaving twitter (for a while)

so so so sooooo many story! I will post post post till my brain exploded lol


cyaa soon! :)