Things I’ve Learned

#ThingsIveLearned No matter how much u know about self-esteem & self-confidence, that’s nothing without knowing & accepting who u are first

#ThingsIveLearned The hardest part of “knowing yourself” is that you have to deal with your own delusion, ego & pride.

#ThingsIveLearned Until something crash it all & makes u feel so insecure, then u realize that u actually don’t even know who u are.

#ThingsIveLearned Sometimes we often reject who we are & don’t realize that we create delusion over delusion. — Welcome to Inception.

#ThingsIveLearned Take a step back and u can see a much wider perspective

#ThingsIveLearned The most depressing moment after ‘Insecurity crash’ is when u see yourself unworthy, unhappy, pathetically miserable

#ThingsIveLearned See urself so messed up u’ll force to help urself, by letting go the main thing that (u THINK) messing u up

#ThingsIveLearn If there’s someone who should accept you for everything you are, that should be you! Not anyone else.

I was a fool, cause I let you go..
But all I know is that I should, I have to safe myself first..


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