Men want to be in relationships but they also love being single. They live in constant fear of losing their freedom.

Just because a man is attracted to you, doesn’t mean he is emotionally tied to you. Men see relationships as the loss of something that they really enjoy. The start of a serious relationship can often seem like the end of something amazing.Men are looking for a safe place where they don’t have to change. One of the big struggles men face is the fear that they will lose their identity. They will not make a decision before they’re ready.

You can’t change the core values of a man without destroying a relationship and you can’t change what a man wants out of a relationship.

Men don’t value things in the same way that women do. Each man has his own scale for what’s important in a relationship and what’s important in his life.

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.
You can be subtle or your can have a great relationship, but you cannot have both.

Men require admiration to feel alive and to be happy. Cheating for the first time is the hardest. Someone who has cheated once will cheat again.

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