Women Pre-Selection Secret

Women see a man as either friend material, lover material or more than lover material. Once a woman places you in a category it can be very difficult to shift out of that category. This some kind of natural Pre-Selection instinct.

If you thought is was money, success, or fame that women are attracted to.. Guess what you not alone, many men thought like that as well. Because Pre-Selection thing is the most well-guarded secret in the world. False impulse from the media, like a toxin.

Believing the lie that women actually cared that stuff just wasting your life. But forget about that, you should know that woman not attracted to money, not attracted to good looks, or even Fame.

But Women are really attracted to Pre-Selection. That’s it, that’s all, everything else is a LIE.

But knowing exactly what to mimic to use Pre-Selection to attracted women is everything.

Every time a women decides to sleep with a man, she go through the same 4-step process. This process will direct her attracted to you without her knowing, she will become intimate to you within a matter of minutes, it’s really out of her control. This is scary!

There’s a technique that any guy could do that would create attraction in a women’s subconsciousness . You will wonder, what IS it? is it REAL?

But you have to paid for this! lol

-from some articles-


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