Love & Science

  • There are three phases to falling in love and different hormones are involved at each stage.
  • Events occurring in the brain when we are in love have similarities with mental illness.
  • When we are attracted to somebody, it could be because subconsciously we like their genes.
  • Smell could be as important as looks when it comes to the fanciability factor. We like the look and smell of people who are most like our parents.
  • Science can help determine whether a relationship will last.
  • That love and sex are not just animal processes; they are much more sophisticated and intellectual than we thought. In brain scans of people feeling sexual desire, we did find that visual areas and emotional areas were activated. What was surprising was the activation we saw in another brain region, one involved in complex cognitive processes.
  • You have an unconscious checklist in your mind: Does this guy fit my checklist or not? If there is one point that doesn’t match, the guy is rejected. But if he passes the first point, then you have to check the next one and the next one. The thing that’s fantastic about the desiring mind is that it all happens so quickly. Within 200 milliseconds our brain knows whether we desire someone—before we know it consciously!


Source: BBC Science, Stephanie Ortigue,


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