Piuh.. okay lately I read about universe and galaxies. I’m amazed with all of this, very amazed! Wonder if I can see it with my own eyes, which is impossible.

Now, I read about Agartha, civilization at the center of the earth, what the bip! Hollow earth, north pole, Aurora, etc etc etc. I know this story maybe not true, maybe just a legend, or just some kind of fairy tale. But this made me mellow, al rite.. as usual..Some part of me can’t accept that I’m just an ordinary girl, who can just wondering, dreaming, and just can amazed with all this mysterious universe. I’m just human who’s running my life with capitalism things, then I die as like many human, yea sucks..

Dear universe, can I get moreee? If I died alone can you give me a gift from above, I wanna see all the universes.. *selfish*

I think will be fine if I keep this little hope on my heart. Delusion? Someone told me, this life is about to create our best delusion, so.. Be it..


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