What Makes You Different?

You’re just a creature, you’re just same like the other humans, like the other women.

Each of us feels like no one like us, we are special, we are unique.

Each of us feels we’re born to be something, we’re born for purposes.

If everyone is special then no one is.

We’ve try to live with purposes, we’ve try to be something, but by the time the emptiness will come again, no one can’t run from this feeling.

You’re just someone in the crowds, who lived by the flood of authority.

We’re sick for being the same therefore some of us fight to get attention on the pedestal.

Your own delusion that makes you feel different, trying to escape from the fact that you’re nothing.

What makes you different?

Not everyone talk with the same ‘language’, I know..

Not everyone will understand, I know..

Not everyone had the same view about life, I know..

so if you understand what I said then you’re different, at least for me.

Let’s go back to the real world, be us against the world.


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