Teddy’s Enlightment

Everyday Teddy wake up in the morning, He has the same question.. Life must be something more than this.. *sigh..

Where I can find the answers? Who am I? Am I just a doll?

Life feels like prison

Teddy keep thinking, but still cannot find the answers. Teddy feels so dizzy & frustrated..

Teddy just can’t stop thinking about it

Teddy look up at the skies, idea comes; “Hey that maybe the answers will come from above!”

Teddy climb a tree, but the tree not high enough to make Teddy closer to the skies..

Teddy climb to the higher place. What’s is life about? He can’t find anything. Teddy get so sad :(

Poor Teddy, he thought that he’s the owner of his life. Teddy never knew that he’s just a doll :(

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