Never Forsake Your Determinism

The moon may cry that you are a hapless lover
and there is not one passion worth living for:
every flower that grows is doomed to wilt,
every light that glows is destined to fade,
and every love, ever real, will gradually deteriorate.
Nevertheless, I cry unto you and only you
to love on long and strong and true
and never relinquish your passion
Even if you defy love, you will acquire love
Even if you denounce love, you will inspire love
Even if you resist, you yield.
The sun may cite that you are a hopeless dreamer
and there is not one vision worth striving for:
every radiance of youth is squandered on the young,
every brilliance of wisdom is wasted on the old,
and every dream, ever dreamt, will cynically evaporate.
Nevertheless, I cite unto you and only you
to dream on great and straight and true
and never surrender your dream
Even if your idea is reviled, it will remain invincible
Even if your vision is defiled, it will remain indomitable
Even if you fail, you succeed.
The stars may claim that you are a faceless hero
and there is not one cause worth fighting for:
every valiant soul is tarnished by despair and doubt,
every gallant goal is ruined by treachery and treason,
and every heart, ever brave, will tragically capitulate.
Nevertheless, I claim unto you and only you
to fight on proud and loud and true
and never betray the cause
Even if the battle is lost, you may triumph another day
Even if you stand alone, no power can stand in your way
Even if you lose, you win.
And the world may charge you are an useless philosopher,
that there is not one conviction worth dying for:
every profound concept is corrupted by pessimism and hate,
every renowned belief is tainted by skepticism and fear,
and every truth, ever true, will eventually disintegrate.
Nevertheless, I charge unto you and only you
to reason on requited and excited and new
and never forsake your determinism
Even when the mind is suppressed, it will transcend the physical cosmos
Even when the spirit is repressed, it will ascend the spiritual universe
Even when you die, you live.
– nicepoethere –

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