Why Do We Even Bother in Life?

No matter how much money we are able to make, how many lives we are able to save, nor how much pleasure we had when we were alive, it will all be lost and gone when we die. Additionally, in the very end, physics states that the universe will end and all life will be extinguished from the universe. As a result, all our efforts, achievement and impact we have no matter how small or big will be erased forever.

Therefore, why do we even need to live? Our presence here on earth is nothing compared to the vastness of the universe. Even if we are somehow able to eliminate world hunger, start a space colony and discover all the secrets of the universe, all of our culture, technology, and cities will be wiped out from the face of the universe never to be seen again by any other sapient creatures or “things” we may not even be able comprehend caused by the next big bang, if there is even going to be one.

In addition, our impact to civilization/society itself is infinitesimally small. There are around 7 billion people in the world and around 155,000 people die in one day. A single life almost means nothing. Additionally, even if we continue living, we are very likely to have very little, if not any impact towards anything in society. And as stated before, even if we are able to somehow positively impact humanity itself, in the end, all of our efforts will be lost forever.

Here’s something to consider: Suppose there was a universe before the beginning of the big bang that contains sapient life. If this civilization had master the art of science and could create utopias and biologically program its citizens to receive unlimited pleasure; in the end, all of its effort would not be more significant to us than another civilization that had destroyed itself. If both civilization have equal significance to us or anything in the present, why do we even have to exist?

So why do we even bother to live? In the end, no matter if you live or die, our existence will be gone.

– beamthegreat – philosophyforums


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