Monthly Archives: July 2013

When You Grow Up

Shawna Erback-カイ-33

You have to let your dreams go a little.
Little by little everyday, little by little in every way.

And sometimes they just go, they are fading away without permission
and you found you were late to save them.

And sometimes you feel they will still always be there and bug you.
‘Cause they know you still want keep them deep down in your heart.
In some way, you feel incomplete without them.
That you need to make them happen just to make you happy.

And sometimes you feel guilty when look at them. You pick it up again.
Try one more time. ‘Cause you know it’s possible. You keep trying.
Running in a circle.

And sometimes you found yourself empty, crash with reality and they have left you alone.
You only wish to keep just one of them, hold it and whispering,
“Don’t leave me, I just wish to keep you in me, only single you.”

Can I just hold this one?